This project is no longer under development. This page exists for historical reasons.

You wake up.
The ground underneath feels familiar.
This is not your world...Yet.

Unearth is an action/exploration game featuring infinite and ever-changing worlds. Traverse multiple realities while battling alone or with friends. Discover incredible mysteries, inhabitants and environments while uncovering and casting primeval spells.

The world is inhabited by an ancient tribal civilisation that is in decline. Vengeful gods, ritual sacrifice and shamanistic themes permeate the culture. The player takes the role of a being cursed by the God of The Moon and Time to be an eternal soul - trapped to forever travel between realities.

Artistic Statement

Our main direction with Unearth is to capture the continual sense of mystery and excitement that comes with discovering a new world. 'Unearthing' a deep and strange environment, crossing new frontiers and sharing it with friends is exactly the sort of experience we want to give our players.

With an original art style inspired by Mesoamerican culture, low-poly art, independent animation and graphic design – Unearth sets itself apart with creating an exciting, colourful and rich world full of character and hidden malice.

In Unearth, we chose to create a new experience with every play session through procedural generation of the world and systems. The generation in Unearth is designed to be so vast that it is virtually limitless in variation and size.

Installation Instructions

You can install Unearth by going to and downloading the game launcher appropriate for your platform.

Once the launcher has started, you will need to register an account by clicking the “Register Free” button in the launcher. After registering an account, open or go back to the game launcher.

To get the latest version, click “Advanced Options” and select “candidate-1” from the “Game Version” dropdown if it is available. This ensures you’ll have a version newer than the current public release. Click “Save and Return” in the top-right.

Now enter your username and password and click “Play”. Once the launcher has finished downloading the game files, it will automatically launch the game.

If you have any troubles with launching the game or creating/joining to a multiplayer server please contact June Rhodes through [email protected].

Gameplay Instructions

Unearth is played using keyboard and mouse. Controls are below:

Move up : W
Move down : S
Move left : A
Move right : D
Aim : mouse location
Left spell : mouse leftclick (hold for channelled spell)
Right spell : mouse rightclick (hold for channelled spell)
switch spellset : left shift

Please feel free to explore, enjoy and play with the world we have created in any way you wish.

Our Story

Unearth is being passionately developed with the savings and spare time of two Australian creators wanting to bring their love of procedural generation and exploration to the masses. Drawing inspiration from the thrilling experience of travelling through a new world, Unearth gives the player an infinite, rich world and urges them to discover.


Team history

Unearth is developed independently in Melbourne, Australia by June Rhodes (code, design) and Josh Bradbury (art direction, animation, lead design). They are currently producing Unearth under the name Redpoint Software. June met Josh through organising and taking part in TIGjam Melbourne and they soon were discussing the possibilities of a game set in an infinite world. After creating a few prototypes and initially developing with another designer, June brought Josh on as a contractor to produce an original look and direction for the world of Unearth. After a few months, Josh soon took on more responsibility with the game and was brought on board full-time as lead designer and art director. June and Josh work mostly work remotely from their bedrooms, catching up regularly to discuss decisions on the game.


Gameplay Demo YouTube


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There are far more images available for Unearth, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!

There are currently no logos or icons available for Unearth. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!

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